Fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

For those who love St. Patrick’s Day and its traditions, crafts are a fun way to get into the spirit. Your kids will have fun helping you with many of these crafts. Even if you’re not having a large celebration, you can still dress up. While green, gold, and black consist of a more traditional St. Patrick’s Day palette, you have endless design options. 

These four St.Patrick’s Day crafts from Clothing Shop Online will help get your holiday DIY started:


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1. Kid’s Shamrock Shirt

Include the kids in your crafts for a fun afternoon making a memory they can wear. This take on a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired t-shirt uses a high-quality plain t-shirt (in white, yellow, green, or black) with fabric-safe paint in St.Patrick’s Day colors. Using either the tip of a pencil or some other stencil, decorate your t-shirt with tiny eraser stamps until you’ve assembled a shamrock. 



2. Festive and Fun Hat

Create a hat to wear on St. Patrick’s Day with a few simple steps. Start by choosing a basic baseball cap in Kelly green or white. Then, gather a shamrock patch, green paint, pencil (for drawing the pattern), and decorate your hat as you wish. 


Alternatively, you can also lace a black ribbon through a gold buckle made of felt sewn onto a green beanie. This will create a faux buckle, and voila, you have a fun St. Patrick’s Day hat. 


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3. Dip Dye Green T-Shirt 

A close cousin of tie-dying, dip dying is as straightforward as it sounds. Rather than have to tie your garment all over, simply tie the bottom of your shirt or sleeves, where ever you’d like to place your dye. The dye process is, otherwise, the same as making a regular tie-dye shirt. Make sure to take all of the same precautions to prepare your surface and cure your shirt project. Make sure to start with a high-quality basic t-shirt for your base. 



rainbow and pot of gold freezer paper stenciled tee 1024x664 14. Rainbow T-Shirt 

For the fun and young at heart alike, create a rainbow t-shirt to signify a rainbow leading to a pot of gold. You can either create a tie-dyed shirt as your base or draw a rainbow leading to a pot of gold on a basic t-shirt.

Follow basic guidelines on how to tie-dye from Clothing Shop Online. You can easily purchase a basic tie-dye kit online, as well as high-quality basic t-shirts to get you started. 

To create a stand-alone rainbow, start with a basic white t-shirt, a paintbrush, stencils of your choosing, and non-toxic fabric paint in every color of the rainbow. Your rainbow can consist of arched lines, squares, or tiny shamrocks, whatever you can imagine. 


Your St. Patrick’s Day craft doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate to be fun. These tips on how to make your own St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt from Clothing Shop Online can inspire your own designs.

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