5 Holiday Family Crafts

Every family has its traditions. While the fall and winter season hints at the back-to-back holidays to come, crafting can help us slow down and enjoy the rhythms of this time of year. Coming together as a family looks different for everyone, but spending time doing family crafts can provide you with entertainment and memories. Making your holiday DIY crafts not only keep the youngest members of your family busy but also offers potential gifts for family and friends. Why rush to the store to buy décor when you can DIY your keepsakes? 

As the colder air forces some of us inside, consider these holiday family crafts from Clothing Shop Online:

diy sock snowman 34


1.     Fabric Snowmen

Repurpose colored t-shirts or socks will give you great fabric to make an adorable snowman. Using fabric stuffing from the Dollar Tree, fill the sock with the fabric stuffing and use a rubber band to separate it like two snowballs. Once you are finished with this, use black, and orange felt to create the snowman’s eyes and nose. Lastly, you can use another sock to create a simple hat and shirt, and yarn to make a scarf. 



2.     Holiday Fabric Banner

This project only requires twine, scissors, and bandanas, or a t-shirt. Cut the fabric into similarly-sized strips of desired width and length, then tie each on the twine through the center of the strip. For a fuller look, layer strips closer together until you have a fabric garland. This is a great project that can be reused each year along the mantel, doorways, or even in the dining room for festive fall celebration dinners. 



3.     Snowman Shirt

Gather a white t-shirt, fabric marker or pencil, stiff paper, and black and orange fabric paint. For added detail, consider using white fabric paint as well. Draw and cut out a snowman face stencil from your stiff paper. Then, trace the face wherever you’d like to position it on the t-shirt. Fill in your form with black fabric paint for the eyes and mouth and orange paint for the carrot nose. Use white fabric paint for any details you’d like to emphasize for added fun. There are many holiday t-shirt ideas to choose from.




4.     Christmas Tree Handprint Kitchen Towels

This is a sweet way to remember your kids’ handprints for seasons to come. You’ll only need paper plates, small paintbrushes, kitchen towels in your preferred color (likely white), and fabric paint in various holiday colors (green, red, gold). A gift for grandparents with a side of extra-cuteness? Check!

If your child is younger, help them by painting the star on the top of the tree for them. Then, dip their small hands in a paper plate thinly filled with fabric paint and press firmly on the fabric beneath the star. Alternatively, you can paint your child’s hand with paint and then firmly press onto the fabric – an option they might find more fun depending on their sensory tolerance. 


candy cane tote

5. Holiday Candy Cane Bag

This is a fun, though more complex project that’s suited for older kids. However, you can include the littles, too, with extra guidance. You’ll need a plain canvas tote bag and red and white fabric paint for this project. Paint the bag in alternating, horizontal, red, and white stripes to mimic a candy cane. Then, draw the outlines of several candy canes across the bag. 

You’ll be able to keep these DIYs as memories for years to come. Consider these fall family DIY crafts from Clothing Shop Online.

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