5 Family Fun Easter Crafts

For those who love Easter and its traditions, crafts are a fun way to get into the spirit. Your kids will have fun helping you with many of these crafts and it will give the family some more fun activities to do outside of your traditional Easter egg hunt. So if you are looking for some fun and easy ways to decorate or celebrate the holiday, Clothing Shop Online has you covered.

These five Easter crafts from Clothing Shop Online will help get your holiday DIY started:

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1. No-Sew Sock Bunnies

Repurpose-colored socks will give you great fabric to make an adorable Easter bunny, along with a couple easy-to-grab items. Using fabric stuffing from the Dollar Tree or rice, fill the sock with the fabric stuffing and use a rubber band to separate it like three sections, one for the body, one for the head, and a top piece without stuffing for the ears.

Once you are finished with this, cut the top fabric down the middle to create ears, and use a black market to create the eyes and nose of the rabbit. Lastly, you’ll use a ribbon to tie a bow around its neck. 


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2. Pom Pom Easter Bunny Wreath

Creating a wreath that looks like the Easter bunny can be an enjoyable project to do with kids at home. Buy a simple wreath frame, a hot glue gun, white yarn, and white and pink felt. Start by purchasing or making some large white pom poms with your yarn and placing them on your wreath frame. Once you are pleased with the placement, glue them down, and trace and cut out ears for your wreath!

This is a great project for you to do with your kids, as you can work on creating the pom poms together and even change the colors of the rabbit, either to other natural colors like brown or make it even more festive with the classic pastels of the holiday.



3. Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

A way to put a fun and unique spin on your plastic Easter eggs are to cover them in yarn. This will serve as not only a fun project for you and your family. You can use traditional Easter colors, the colors of your favorite sports team, or any other color combo to make your eggs unique to you. Along with this, you can also utilize different patterns and styles when wrapping your Easter eggs. You can wrap the egg in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal stripes in alternating colors, make a bold color-blocked pattern, or even make it all one color with fun textures!




4. Fabric Carrots

Repurpose-colored t-shirts or socks will give you great fabric to make a fun fabric carrot. With your t-shirt fabric, trace and cut out two long triangles for your carrot. If you have a sewing machine, sew the two fabric pieces together down each long side. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can easily attach the two together with hot glue or double-sided fabric tape. 

Using fabric stuffing from the Dollar Tree, fill the carrot with the fabric stuffing and use a rubber band to tie the top off. Once you are finished with this, use some greenery to insert into the top of your carrot for the top. 

You can easily add your own flair to these carrots, by tie-dying them or stamping them with fun patterns.


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5. Bunny Tea Towels

This is a fun way to get your kids’ personal touch in a DIY that you can use every Easter season. You’ll only need paper plates, Easter-themed stamps, kitchen towels in your preferred color (likely white), and fabric paint in various holiday colors (pink, yellow, blue). Let your kids stamp a fun easter pattern onto kitchen towels, and finish it off for them by adding a cute ribbon or pom pom border to it. A gift for grandparents with a side of extra-cuteness? Check!


Your Easter craft doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate to be fun, and we hope that you take these fun ideas and put your own unique twist on them. If you try any of these out and post them on social, make sure to tag us! 

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